Quotes I would like to sincerely thank DDB Club for all the work they have done and continue to do on behalf of unwanted Dogue de Bordeaux . I adopted Gucci, since I adopted her she very quickly become one of the family ? Human and Dog (there are 3 now). Gucci has a strong personality and the foster Mum, Kendall did a brilliant job of teaching Gucci basic manners and obedience commands, the initial work that the rescue club (Kendell and Ang) did with Gucci has made it possible for Gucci to be adopted given her strong dominant nature. Post adoption Ange and Kendall have been extraordinarily helpful and supportive as Gucci makes her transition into a new life. I felt and continue to feel supported and encouraged to ask for assistance, guidance and advice on the integration and care of Gucci. I would like to ensure that the Dogue de Bordeoux Rescue Club are acknowledged for the fantastic and selfless work they do on behalf of these majestic dogs. Amanda Gucci's mum Quotes
Guccis new owner

Quotes "It is encouraging and reassuring to know that breed specific rescue groups are out there, and are as passionate about their chosen breed as these guys are. I contacted DDB rescue after the beautiful Max came in. Without hesitation the club was onto it, and soon after, the local fosterer came in to see Max and to get a feel for his temperament. It turns out that Max is a full brother (1 litter apart) to her bitch. So, she is going to keep him which is amazing. Throughout the whole process DDB rescue have been great, offering help every step of the way and would not have hesitated to come and get him straight away if requested to. Thanks for all your help, you do an amazing job." Vicki Quotes
Animal Control Officer Wellington

Quotes I would like to thank your club for its assistance and dedication involved in the recent rehoming/relocation of an unclaimed impounded dog from our shelter. The dog did not appear to have been abused or neglected in anyway despite his owners own background, and for this reason I sought a ?second chance? for him. I was not aware of your clubs rescue involvement but since first contact with you club secretary, Ang, I have been overwhelmed by the dedication shown and almost daily interaction regarding our quest to rehome this beautiful big softie. It is heart-warming to know, given my line of employment, that there are Breed Clubs out there who are willing to be involved in rescuing those dogs who have fallen through the cracks. Once again thank you on behalf of the Napier team and indeed the dog in question! I will be posting your club details on our restricted access listserv so that other Dogue de Bordeaux may get a second chance. Grant Animal Control officer Napier Quotes
DDS Taupo

Quotes Fantastic service. Privileged to find such dedicated and generous people prepared to give so much of themselves for the well-being of these magnificent animals. Very professional, knowledgeable. They provided us with alot of confidence and would have no hesitation in recommending them. Thanks for all your help! Jackie Quotes
Guccis previous owner

Quotes I can't thank you guys enough for layla she is such a sweet girl and i feel blessed to have her as part of our family. You guys have been amazing to deal with and your on going support is awesome so thank you again for layla and keep up the great work you do. Jo & Paige Layla's Mum Quotes
Layla mum