Most dogs rescued end up in rescue through not fault of there own , generally the owner has bought on impulse without a lot of breed knowledge therefore not realising the size they will turn out to be , they have not done sufficient training or socializing nor realise the cost involved in keeping a large breed dog , vet costs can be astronomical if you have ended up with a Dogue with health issues , or there situation has changed where the dog has to go , so please please do your part to help and make sure you are well aware of what is involved is owning this beautiful dogs .         


Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is a division of the Dogue de Bordeaux Club , as the Club feels very strongly about taking the good with the bad in our chosen breed so refuse to turn our back on the Rescue side of the breed like a lot of other Clubs have done.

Check out our success stories to see the Dogues lives we have changed with our dedication and passion to help this wonderful breed, whether they be the best specimen of the breed or not they are all Bordeaux and if they need our help we will be there for them ..... read our testimonials from  new/ old owners and from officials we have dealt with in the rescue process for there opinions on the way we do things.

Most rescue dogs have had at least one home and sometimes many. It will normally come with behavioral baggage and problems, purely from the fact that it has been rejected at least once.

Some will have been in the pound or the Rescue Centre for some considerable time, that has an effect on the dogs, especially those that are normally used to family life and constant attention. The dog may have been put there because of behavioral problems, which may include aggression, toileting, excessive barking destructive tendencies etc.

Rescued dogs are usually more than six months old, are usually house trained, and mainly past the chewing-everything stage, they are normally happy to be placed in a loving home. Many have been precipitously uprooted from a loved family by some misfortune, and some will have been abused or neglected and need lots of patience and tender loving care, to overcome the trauma they have suffered in their short lives.

The initial adjustment can sometimes be difficult as the dog may need to learn to trust again, or even for the first time. Separation anxiety, fear of noises, and attempts to run away are common. But once past the first few months, when the dog learns to depend on the kindness of his new owners, then the bond is forged forever and you will be paid back in full for your decision.

Due to this the Rescues do require a good amount of money spent on them not only to get them out of the shelters but medical cost etc so if you would like to donate to DDB Rescue you can contact us or donate money via our bank account with a reference of Rescue ,or donate food etc you can be assured it will be put to very good use by rescue and it would be very much appreciated.

So if you feel you can offer one of these very special dogs a loving forever home please check out our website for more information and fill in an Adoption Application Form.

    All rescue Dogues get a great start thanks to Orijen dog food

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