We receive lots of emails from people who would really love to help with rescue but are unable to foster or similar so we have now started a new scheme called " Sponsor a Dogue  " which is a way for you to help us with our rescue every time we get one in without you having the worry with the day to day care, administering of medication, transportation of Dogues nationwide etc by automatic payment just a few dollars a week / fortnightly or monthly into our Club account to help with the mounting costs of there care.

If you would like to be a part of this program just set up an automatic payment

                               Dogue de Bordeaux Club

                               ANZ 01 0322 0177984 00

use SAD as the reference and we will transfer all funds received straight to our Rescue account on your behalf and you can be assured it will be used in the very best possible way to benefit our future rescues who will all be very grateful for the kindness you have shown to help them to a better future.


It is with heavy hearts that we have to inform you of the loss of some of our precious rescue babies.


Layla was our very first rescue - she had been left in the pound over christmas by her previous owners so was in there for nearly 2 months in total.


Buster came into rescue with his sister Bella in a very poor condition.


Blue came into rescue because his owner had become to old and didnt care assistants and unfortunately Blue could not join her.


Dozer came into rescue via HUHA who we assisted in helping find him the best home.

We want to express our heart felt sympathies to all of their owners for the loss of there precious family members and thank them for showing them all such unconditional love.


                                  ANGUS'S STORY
                          ** Article contains a graphic image **

The body of a dog covered in stab wounds has been found tied up and weighted down in a Bedfordshire river.The large tan Dogue de Bordeaux was found on Sunday in the River Ouse, near the Great North Road in Chawston. His front legs had been tied together with a blue rope attached to a concrete block and his back legs were also tied together and attached to another block.

Despite the combined 40kg (6st 4lb) weight of concrete blocks, the dog's body had floated to the surface.

It was spotted at about 03:00 BST by fishermen who managed to retrieve the body using a tractor, as the dog weighed more than 75kg (11st 11lb).

Once the body had been brought to land, about ten wounds were found in its right side, including some to the abdomen and two in the chest cavity.

A preliminary post-mortem examination has been carried out to ascertain the exact cause of death, but it has proved inconclusive as to whether or not the dog was still alive when he was thrown into the water.

Further tests are due to be carried out.

It is thought that the dog had been in the water for at least three days, and must have been put into the river quite close by as there is a weir half a mile upstream, which the body would not have been able to float through.

RSPCA inspector Chris Nice said: "This was a really gruesome discovery.

"We don't yet know if the dog died before he was put into the water, but either way he suffered a horrible, violent death and we desperately need to know who is behind this.

"He was a huge dog, even by breed standards, weighing almost 30 kgs more than the minimum weight for this type of dog even allowing for decomposition, so he could not have been manually carried to the river.

"So, if anyone recognises the dog's description or saw someone with a vehicle acting suspiciously in the area we need to hear from them."

The dog was not wearing a collar but was microchipped. The chip details gave his name as Angus and revealed that he was two years old.

Angus's story is why we do rescue so Dogues don't need to end up dumped like this.

                             RIP sweet Angus you so did not deserve this.

                         GIVE A LITTLE PAGE

If you would like to donate to our club rescue, which is always very much appreciated when dealing with large breed dogs, as the vet costs etc can run into the hundreds per visit please do so through our Give a Little page.



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