Below are some of the Dogues we have assisted in rescuing & rehoming due to a change in there circumstances or them turning up in the local dog pound ....  it all started with our very very skinny pound baby Layla.

               Please take the time to meet our Rescue Family below.

        *******All rescue food kindly provided by Orijen dog food.**********


The lovely layla came into rescue weighing a mere 32 Kgs but thanks to the dedication of her Foster mum has now gained weight and is looking wonderful .Sadly she  had been left in the pound by her previous owner over the Christmas period , a total of 42 days , after being caught wandering but thanks to the lovely lady at the pound she avoided being put to sleep due to her wonderful disposition.

Layla has found an awesome  home with her new mum Jo and human sister Paige and is truly a much treasured member of her new family .


The Handsome & lovely Chief  came to us via the pound and has now found a home with Chris  &  Davina and there K9 girl Shady we are sure Chief will get as much devotion back as he will give ...after all sitting on peoples feet  tends to make people want to give ya a cuddle .


Tessa our 1 year old, and so far baby of rescue to date, was surrendered to the Club and has now found a wonderful loving home with Naomi & her mum Judith and the kids on a fabulous two acre property. We are sure she will be one very happy little girl at her new home.


Here's our lovely Max who came to us via the pound and after a lot of TLC by his rescue mum he has now found a wonderful home with his rescue mum and family, she could not part with him after all the care she has put into this beautiful boy. 

Him and his best buddy Fatty here they are enjoying the polar Blast.


Van is a beautiful black mask boy who was surrendered to Rescue when his old owner was moving to Australia and had been unable to find him a home.

Him foster mum fell in love with his goofy ways instantly and wouldn't let him go so it was an amazing final story for Van.

Right: Van all dressed up at a club fun day.


Zeus came into our rescue at the age of 4 to be rehomed due to him killing one of the family cats he had lived with for years.

Poor Zeus also was suffering from hip dysplasia and had already had both knee joints done years early so he needed a specific home and that is what we found him.

He lived out his days with him new mum Elaine and his other K9 companions.


A fantastic service offered! I was in the sad position of having to rehome my 7yr old DDB, Ange from the DDB Club rescue is empathetic, helpful and encouraging through out. I nominate her to be on good sorts Tv1 Sundays after the news!!!! Cant wait to meet her in person!

                                                               Thanks Mark

The DDB Clubs Rescue worked alongside Mark to help get his Petal into just the right home for her needs.


Nino came into rescue as his family had a change in work  and had to depart NZ so could not take her, and her companion Kimbo, with them sadly but she has now  found a wonderful home on a farm with her new family in Northland we wish her all the very best for the future.


Gucci was surrendered to us by her family in Christchurch due to unforeseen circumstances for her previous family she has now been rehomed to an awesome home on a 25 acre block with two other dog friends and the very knowledgeable Amanda as her new owner , she is already making herself a huge part of the family with all members, and Amanda tells me it is like she has made herself truly at home which is Fantastic we wish Gucci all the very best with her new Family and will definitely be coming to visit.


Maddy was referred to Club rescue via the Dominion Bullmastiff Club rescue coordinator due to a change in her owners circumstances and was desexed , microchipped and rehomed to her new owners with the help of a foster carer & Club rescue coordinator at the time and has become a much loved family member .


Hazel came to us after being surrendered to a pound by per previous owner she was very under weight and not in the best state but as you can see there has been a real change in this girls life and it is amazing to see what a bit of love and TLC can produce

Hazel has  a nice new home with an experienced Dogue family in Christchurch. She is very much loved and adored by her new family, and there dear old man yogi who are bestest buddies.


Daisy came to us after her owner was having trouble with her with cats but thanks to some training from her foster mum she is getting there with the cats issue which is great to see.

Daisy has found a lovely home in Wellington with a K9 companion Kaiser and Nat &   family .... we are positive she will become a much treasured family member as she is a real cuddle butt.


 Well our wee man Clyde has now left foster care in an excellent state with his hips after all his foster mum & dads excellent care and has now gone off into an absolutely perfect home for him ...he has a friend to play with, Zeus the Neo, and a loving mum and dad to take very special care of him in the future.


Our lovely 6 year old man Blue who has been with us, and part of our rescue family, for quite some time now due to his owner having to move into a home where she was not allowed dogs. 

Blue had lived his entire life from a pup in there backyard so as you can imagine the world was a scary place when you venue out of the yard but after a little hesitation he took the new journey in his stride.

We are pleased to announce he has finally found the best forever home for him with a couple in Wellington and we are confident he will become a very treasured member of the family.



Our very special needs baby Gem who came to us in such a state with severe generalised Demodectic mange and Thyroidism has now found a wonderful home with Lance and the girls.

We are thrilled she has ended up with such a dedicated owner and are 100% Gem has now been placed with a very dedicated owner who is happy to give her all the care and attention she needs now and in the future.


Carmen came into rescue due to her having to be on a chain nearly 24/7  due to her not liking other dogs.

Well as you can see from the photo our Carmen has well and truly made herself at home at Mike & Colleens home and they absolutely adore her.

Carmen also has a big brother that she loves to bits Dozer below who also came through rescue.


We were asked to  help HUHA New Zealand in rehoming Dozer with the same family so Carmen has a buddy to play with and who gets to share all the love and attention she gets his name is Dozer and it was love at first sight so Mike & Colleen have now helped full the huge void left by there boy Max and these are two very lucky rescues.

                               BUSTER & BELLA

As you can see 5 month old Buster & Bella were not in a good state when they first came into our rescue, they had a severe case of Generalised Demodectic mange and Buster was on the verge of death due to infections and thyriod issues caused by the untreated Demodectic, but as you can see from the picture below they now have hair as well as being a lot happier & healthier, after nearly five months of intense treatment and a lot of  and dedication to there care by there foster parents they now have a second chance at life and love and are off to a lovely couple in Auckland together ...these guys became so bonded through the process that when the new owners contacted us offering them both a home together we jumped at the chance and we are sure they will now have a wonderful life with loving owners.

We would like to take this chance to send out a HUGE thanks to all those people that donated money to help the pups and helped with fundraising because without all of you the outcome for the pups would have been quite bleek sadly.


Another wonderful home found for another great dogue in need the cheeky TK has now found a great home with Narissa and family and we are sure he will become a treasured part of there family in no time.


Bronx's has now found a wonderful home with a wonderful family who are dedicated to giving this boy all the love and attention he needs and he has plenty of room to run and play so he is going to love his new life a lot different from being dumped in a yard with no attention.


Hooch came to us after a local animal control officer contacted us for help as he was living in a car in the summer heat with his elderly owner and had started to get quite protective of it as well.

After being evaluated it was decided he was a good candidate to be rehomed and he has now found a wonderful home with Megan & Rob in the Waikato area.


Ruby was living in a backyard tied up and being attacked by the pitbull on the property so we brought her into rescue to assess and potentially rehome.

Our Ruby Roo, our little live wire, has now headed off to her new home with her new family and we have heard that she is doing wonderfully and has adjusted well and the kids adore her.


Magda's owners approached us about helping them to rehome their girl as there owner girl she had always felt secure with had passed away and she was finding it hard as well as they would be moving to Scotland and wanted to make sure she would be looked after, and over, so they asked us to consider putting her under one of our adoption contracts so they could rest easy that we would keep an eye out for her.

We were happy to assist them and the word was put out for a home for her and her requirements.

Well this story turned into a great one as Cuda had lost his companion as well and wasnt coping so when his owner contacted us we knew it would be a match made in heaven and it turned out to be just that as you can see below.


This handsome boy ended up in the pound and the animal control officer was so taken by his nature couldn't put him to sleep after the allocated time for collection so contacted us for help.

We found him a great home but it was in the North Island and he was in the South Island so a quick trip up on the Petbus and he was welcomed with open arms by his new owners.

                                      MR BIGGS

We got a call from a member of the public who had real concerns for a dog that was over the fence, that was Mr Biggs as he became to be known.

He had been there for months and used to bark constantly due to being tied up 24 /7 and the neighbour actually though he had gone until they peeked through the fence and there he was lying in an area behind the shed with fecal matter everywhere and green water and not looking the best.

We believe he had resigned himself to the fact he was going to die as he was so skinny when he came in.

One of our rescue coordinators went out and approached the owner about surrendering him to us for rehoming which thankfully they agreed to.

Biggsy went into foster care to be assessed and given health checks and a lot of TLC and once he was back on track he was put up for adoption.

This boy was so wonderful after all the treatment he had received he attended the 2016 Pet Expo in Auckland to meet his adoring public and he loved every minute of it and showed people that rescues can be amazing dogs.

Mr Biggs has now gone off to enjoy his new life with lots of friends at his mum and Dads on a horse farm and he is still winning hearts.

                       THE THREE MUSKETEERS

Introducing the three Musketeers ... Nixon / Arty & Doug

These cute guys came into rescue due to their owners dogs having a litter and then becoming over whelmed not being able to find homes for them and them then having Demodectic mange.

Thankfully they contacted us for help because they had contacted the SPCA for help but they would only put them to sleep because of there health condition.

Foster homed were found and they were picked up and sent to the vets for treatment asap.

During the initial vet check two were found to have heart conditions, one particularly so, that meant special homes would need to be sort for them.

There individual storied are below.


Arty one of the ones suffering from a minor heart condition, its hoped he will grow out of, has found a home with his foster mum and K9 buddies and i think its safe to say he is enjoying life and looking great.


But another water baby is our Nixon.

Nixon also won the heart of his foster parents after they recently lost a treasured k9  family member Nixon just wormed his way into the family and stuck ...we think he made a great choice.


Last but not least is wee Doug.

Doug of the three had the most severe heart condition so went to a special home so he could receive all treatment he needed in the future.

So after we were contacted by Caroline of HUHA about whether any of the Musketeers were available as her husband and herself were looking for a special mastiff family member and so after explaining about Doug's diagnosis what better home would be good for him but with them so off he flew to Carolyn.

All the pups reunited at the 2016 Auckland Pet Expo to meet there adoring public who had been following there progress via our Facebook page.

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